Living Rooms – The foundational rhythm for our community includes a
bi-weekly Living Room gathering on the First and Third Tuesdays of the month
at 6:00 PM for a shared meal provided by different members of the group.
The rest of the evening is spent in conversation centred around some aspect
of one of our core practices (see Core Practices below). This may include:
song, creative exercises, art, story (God’s story in scripture and our own), games,
silence, sacraments, and much more.

Learning Rooms - On alternate Tuesdays in the month, we provide opportunities
for more focused learning events, offered in short courses.

Sunday Evening Liturgies and Gatherings – On Sunday evenings at 6:00 PM
 we meet at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church for full group events. These events
liturgies (telling God’s story in an ancient/future way through music, litany,
prayer, praise, sacraments, and teaching of the Word.
pot luck dinners (good eats woven together with community stories)
creative prayer events ( including praying with art, nature walks,
or musical reflection)

Triads - more random gatherings of three (sometimes two or four!) for the growing
of spiritual friendship and depth.

Retreats – On occasion we get away from our beloved neighbourhoods
to somewhere set-apart to take a deep breath, develop deeper friendships,
and learn to listen to God and each other in an unhurried manner.

Day to Day – Our hope is that as we inhabit our neighbourhoods that we
will be encountering one another in spontaneous and intentional ways
where two or three find a few moments to share a beverage and story and
give attention to what God is up to amongst us.