Our calling

Our primary purpose is:
to participate with Jesus in his renewal of all things in the neighbourhood and the world

Our vision is to be found :
gathering and nurturing a community of friends
who are following in the way of Jesus
making known God's reign of love and justice

We will accomplish this through practicing:

Storytelling – Inhabiting the story of God as revealed in the scriptures of
the Old and New Testaments, inviting the authority of that story
to shape our lives, and telling that story through creative and
passionate living in God's world.

Friendship – Receiving and returning the friendship God has offered to us
through Christ, and then through the Holy Spirit, helping one another listen
to God through faithful friendship with each other.

Culture Making – Living out of the Creator's imperative to steward the earth
as a precious gift, through artful and faithful development of what we have
been given.

Generosity – To live with open hands, allowing our resources to flow to our
neighbours, serving and helping those who are in need, and resourcing
God’s reconciling mission in the world.

Prayer – To receive the gift of participating through the Spirit in the Son’s communion
with the Father by: developing a conversational life with God, joining in with God’s reconciling
energy through request, engaging the powers, and building a community of healing prayer and love.

Celebrating the Table – Opening to the presence of Jesus when we gather: at the Lord’s table in
our liturgies, at the tables of our homes, and as guests at our neighbourhood tables.

Invitation – To live with the intention of including all those with ears to hear
into the rhythms God has called us to in the parish.