Fifth Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that just over five years ago, a very small and rag tag group of friends began gathering on Tuesday nights in a living room to think about a fresh way of being church in the neighbourhood. We wondered about the possibility of being faithful to the gospel and orthodox commitments, while at the same time eschewing the traditional trajectory of what church growth might look like. We were committed to being the people of God on mission in the neighbourhood. We began to experiment with face to face church, or church in a circle. We wondered if meeting in homes, third spaces, and loaned church space could be the womb for real community in Christ with friends, neighbours, and strangers. We’re still wondering! I once told a friend, "It’s going well, but feels so fragile". He said, "Shouldn’t it always?" Yes, I think so.

We have come to see ourselves as a community of strays, orphans, and exiles – and we like it! It’s probably not the best way to market yourself in a culture driven towards success and easy consumer-oriented solutions – but it seems to be what God has called us to be. We are celebrating our Fifth Anniversary on Sunday Sept. 24th, and there will be much gratitude expressed for what God has done, and much hope offered for what God, in Christ, through the Spirit continues to do! 

Glen Soderholm