Winter of Love

Summer of Love becomes the Winter of Love

Nothing is inexorable but love. George MacDonald. 

The world inexorable means not to be persuaded, moved or stopped. Relentless. We had a fine summer of paying attention to where love caught our attention. Our hope was that this would become a habit in our lives for all time. That followers of Jesus would be those who notice where love is in play, affirm it, and join in with it where possible to extend its influence. Sometimes we find it generated in our own imagination, which leads to action, which leads to creating a portal into God’s nature and purpose.

Winter is a time of year where Canadians learn to walk with their heads down. We endure the cold, wind, and snow through a determined adaptation to make it through. We might be tempted to not look another in the eye, or keep our antennae up because we’re engaged in our winter survival tactics. But, God has certainly not stopped pouring out his grace and love upon all people. Maybe more than ever in the months of lesser light, we might find ways to work up the courage to participate in what the Spirit has begun - offering the warm ride, the hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate, the smile on a bitter windy day, the help with a shovel. Let the winter of love begin!