Here at TRC we are attempting to practice friendship. While some might think it obvious that a church would do so, my observation is that while many people in churches have friendships, they are less skilled at practicing the art of friendship. Great companionship can form from an initial attraction, but, the hard work of building a mature friendship is what will move it beyond mere attraction and likeability. In dealing with our brokenness and nurturing healthy friendships we are weaving a fabric of care that will hold the community together.

 The focused practice of spiritual friendship is an event of two or three people coming together with some regularity, intentionally paying attention to what God’s Spirit is up to in their lives. The gift of attraction to another, disciplined by listening and mutual edification, results in beautiful partnerships that can withstand the most discouraging of circumstances and generate trust, insight, and wisdom.

I’m often finding myself surprised and delighted by the unexpected friendships that form in our midst. I shouldn’t be; we need each other and the different gifts that we bring to the mix, complementing the other to form something unique and good.