Appearing on the Radar

People have told me that they have had trouble tracking us down here at Two Rivers, and my response has been that we have been somewhat deliberately flying under the radar. We have been tentatively feeling our way forward in this venture of missional church planting, and while the call to do something has been very clear, the way we are to go about it has been a bit elusive. We have been trying to quietly listen to what the Spirit is saying about how are to be church in this city of Guelph, and we sense that as we enter our second year, we can start to raise our heads and hands and begin to appear on the radar.

This site is our second foray into the world of the web (we had another blog going which we always deemed to be temporary) and I hope that it will serve the purpose of providing the information and vibe people are looking for when checking us out. We also hope that it will give some sort of picture of what we do, who we do it with, and how we are trying to make our way as a faith community in this world. That being said we don't want to be a virtual church lost in digital abstractions, rather, we are about being on the ground, inhabiting the neighbourhoods within which we have been planted. We are about friendships that matter and bind us together in this risky business of following Jesus into his kingdom reign.