Sacrament of the Ordinary

One of our Living Room practices is something that we call the Sacrament of the Ordinary. This is not something that we created, but which I picked up from Ben Katt’s Awake church in Seattle, WA. Here is how I have interpreted what I stumbled upon there:

I introduce the Sacrament of the Ordinary by trying to offer something along these lines; I invite anyone who cares to share, an event from the past week which opened you to a place of reflection on the presence of grace in the mundane or routine. It may have led you to quiet and peace, to wonder or delight, or towards brokenness and pain. Regardless, it alerted you to the glory of being fully human.

I think what we want to cultivate through this is a deeper attunement to the reality of God with us in every detail of our lives. By hearing each other’s reflections, we become opened to this possibility in all of our daily lives.