Going on a mission trip is a thrilling experience. You want to make a difference and give what you have to others. There is also a real openness to learn and get the skills needed to succeed. 40 Days of Discipleship Series 1 can prepare you to go,  then you can share it with those you serve (available in French and Spanish) and you can do Series 2, The Five Verbs of Learning,  when you come back.  This will help you process the experience and become a change agent for the Kingdom where you live.

You may chose the form in which you participate ( free daily emails or free printable digital copy) allowing for flexibility of time and preference for the way you like to learn. Invite others to join you, discuss highlights weekly or when you are in the field and use the learning momentum to experience real transformation when you come back.

Join thousands of people who have benefited from this learning resource. It is simple to do and easy to share.

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