Our story and name

In the summer of 2012 a small group of friends came together discerning
a call to try and be the church amongst our neighbours and friends in
downtown Guelph. The idea was to start paying attention to what God is
up to amongst the people we live with, connect to the unique rhythms
and qualities of our neighbourhood, and become faithfully present as a
sign of God's reign.

Downtown Guelph is located at the intersection of two rivers (the Speed
and Eramosa rivers) and we wanted our church’s name to reflect
the place we inhabit.

We are a diverse group of friends consisting of some who have been
connected to the church for a long time, some who have left church and
are cautiously returning, and others who are exploring the Christian faith
for the first time. We often like to refer to ourselves as a collection of strays,
orphans, and exiles.

We are connected to a larger expression of the Christian church called
the Presbyterian Church in Canada, and are grateful for their oversight
and support of this venture.