Our story and name

In the summer of 2012 a small group of friends came together discerning
a call to try and be the church amongst our neighbours and friends in
downtown Guelph. The idea was to start paying attention to what God is
up to amongst the people we live with, connect to the unique rhythms
and qualities of our neighbourhood, and become faithfully present as a
sign of God's reign.

Downtown Guelph is located at the intersection of two rivers (the Speed
and Eramosa rivers) and we wanted our church’s nameto be identified
with the place we inhabit.

We are a diverse group of friends consisting of some who have been
connected to the church for a long time, some who have left church and
are cautiously returning, and others who are exploring the Christian faith
for the first time.

We are connected to a larger expression of the Christian church called
the Presbyterian Church in Canada, and are grateful for their oversight
and support of this venture.

Our Leadership

Glen Soderholm is our teaching elder and pastor. He has been ordained
in the PCC for 25 years, and he has been given the freedom to build
friendships of encouragement with the participants of Two Rivers, as well
as spend time building a network of relationships amongst those who
inhabit the downtown neighbourhood of Guelph. 
We have a Leadership Team that currently consists of Glen and three other
TRC members.


Living Rooms – The foundational rhythm for our community includes a
bi-weekly Living Room gathering on the First and Third Tuesdays of the month
at 6:00 PM for a shared meal provided by different members of the group.
The rest of the evening is spent in conversation centred around some aspect
of one of our core practices (see Core Practices below). This may include:
song, creative exercises, art, story (God’s story in scripture and our own), games,
silence, sacraments, and much more.

Sunday Evening Liturgies – On the second and fourth Sundays of the month
 in a downtown location to worship. This is an evening of telling God’s story
in an ancient/future way through music, litany, prayer, praise, sacraments,
and creative teaching.

Creatives - On the alternating Tuesdays and Sundays in the month,
we offer creative opportunities that include coffee houses, kitchen parties,
movie nights, performance events, campfires, attending community
and neighbourhood celebrations.

Retreats – On occasion we get away from our beloved neighbourhoods
to somewhere set-apart to take a deep breath, develop deeper friendships,
and learn to listen to God and each other in an unhurried manner.

Day to Day – Our hope is that as we inhabit our neighbourhoods that we
will be encountering one another in spontaneous and intentional ways
where two or three find a few moments to share a beverage and story and
give attention to what God is up to amongst us.

Our calling

Our primary purpose is:
to participate with Jesus in his renewal of all things
in the neighbourhood and the world

Our vision is to be found :
gathering and nurturing a community of friends
who are following in the way of Jesus
making known God's reign of love and justice

We will accomplish this through practicing:

Storytelling – Inhabiting the story of God as revealed in the scriptures of
the Old and New Testaments, inviting the authority of that
story to shape our lives, and telling that story through creative and
passionate living in God's world.

Friendship – Receiving and returning the friendship God has offered to us
through Christ, and then helping one another listen, through the Holy Spirit,
to what God is saying to us through faithful friendship with each other.

Culture Making – Living out of the Creator's imperative to steward the earth
as a precious gift, through artful and faithful development of what we have
been given.

Generosity – To live with open hands, allowing our resources to flow to our
neighbours, serving and helping those who are in need, and resourcing
God’s reconciling mission in the world.

Spiritual Formation – To be a people of prayer, practicing the spiritual
disciplines in order that God might grow us into the full measure of Christ
and his reign.

Celebration – To gather regularly in varieties of worship – at table in meals,
in nature, at parties, in liturgies, and with joy and laughter.

Invitation – To live with the intention of including all those with ears to hear
into the rhythms God has called us to in the parish.