The 40 Days of Discipleship Series 1 - is a Jesus-centred apprenticeship in spiritual formation. This is for a new believer with many questions or for a more mature believer who wants to learn to help others. 

You will have a real experience in putting discipleship into practice and not just learn theory. You may chose the form in which you participate, (daily email  or free digital download)  allowing for flexibility of time and preference for the way you like to learn. You can use mobile devices or printed copies. It takes only a few minutes a day so that you can learn whenever it is most convenient. When you help others, you will receive just-in-time coaching for what to do next.

This series will teach you how to learn from the Bible and so it nicely complements other discipleship methods that focus on what to learn.  Subscribe today and try this risk-free. You can cancel at any time. 

Join thousands who have benefited from this resource in becoming better learners and helping others to do the same. It is simple to do and easy to share.

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